Walkthrough the Old Town of Rhodes island

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It is designed to make your visit good value for your money and time. It is addressed to the travellers who like to be independent, who like to have professional information, who don't want advertising during their guiding, and don't want to be part of a tourist crowd.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Internet access not required.

Size: 102MB
Languages: English
Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Tours & Sights

Walking tours included:

  • Deluxe Walking Tour of the Old Town of Rhodes (41 sights)
  • One-hour Walking Tour (31 sights)
  • Exploration of the Jewish & Turkish Quarters (20 sights)
  • Exploration of the Medieval Quarters (23 sights)
  • Archaeological Museum(26 exhibits)
  • Grand Master’s Palace (15 chambers)

Powerful navigation assistance:

  • Touring routes clearly displayed on map.
  • Precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to the next.
  • Directions both written and audio
  • See your movement on the map.
  • Gallery of exhibits/sights photos with description which can be used independently.


Does the app include all the information? »
Yes, the app includes all the tours described and you have access to all of the information at once!
Is there advertising included in the app? »
No, everything mentioned does not include any advertising direct or indirect. It is the professional guiding of one of the most experienced tourist guides of Rhodes.
Do I have to have internet connection during the guiding? »
You can follow the tour while "on-line" or if you wish you can download it before and follow it off-line. Just a small tip, when you download the app, open one of the maps, navigate a little so that the map data are downloaded. This way they will be available off-line as well.
What will the difference between on-line and off-line guiding? »
If you choose to be on-line, the GPS will be telling you where you are in relation to the map and the guiding spots. But you can still enjoy it without being on-line.
Can I pick up the tour from any point? »
Of course, the GPS will identify you and you can follow the route from where you are. Alternatively, you just find where you are and start the tour from there.
How do I follow the full tour? »
If you want to follow the full tour, go to the first point, the Start of each tour. Alternatively you can pick it up from the closest point to your location.
The BLUE points indicate the sights of interest of each tour on the Route. The RED pins indicate tour sights that are of interest but not part of the main route, points that you need to make a small detour.
How does each page work? »
In the info page for each Tour Sight, you can click on the map symbol to see where it is, click on the photos symbol to see enlarged photos of the sight, and where relevant click on the i+ symbol to get additional information.
Where do I find the guiding of the Archaeological Museum and the Grand Master’s Palace guiding? »
You can find these guiding in the Tour Sights list or in Pick a Tour list.


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About the tour

Here you are and you have one hour wondering how best can you use to see the Old Town. This is a tour designed to maximize the Return of Investment of your time!

Within just an hour, you will be able to walk through the Jewish Quarters, explore the austere Medieval parts, and then come back by wandering in the Turkish quarters.

Tour Highlights

  • The Catholic Church of the Virgin of the Bourgh
  • The oldest 16th century Synagogue in Greece
  • Sokratous street, the Bazaar street
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Street of the Knights and all the Inns
  • Grand Master's Palace
    and more...!
Distance: 2.1km
Time needed: 60 min
Number of sights: 31

About the tour

This palace was built in the 14th Century by the Knights, but here is where it is claimed that the Ancient Rhodians had placed the Colossus! In 1937 the Italian Occupation spent a five-year budget of the Italian State for its restoration and a big part of it was for the complete transfer of 44 early Christian mosaic floors from the island of Kos.

A full guiding of the Palace. You will know what was each of the chamber's purpose, what the floor mosaics are about, what the valuable items are for.

Not to miss

  • The 44 early-Christian mosaics
  • Chamber of the Nine Muses
  • Chamber of Medusa
  • Laocoon Chamber
  • Trophy Chamber
  • The Chamber with the Colllonades
  • 15th – 16th c. furniture
Time needed: 45 min
Number of Exhibits 18

About the tour

A full guiding of the exhibits of the Museum. It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes not only because it contains an impressive collection of Classical, Hellenistic and Roman exhibits but you also see how medieval hospitals were constructed and how they operated.

Not to miss

  • Statue of the Sea or Marine Aphrodite
  • Statue of Small Aphrodite
  • Statue of Sun God "Helios"
  • The large ward
  • Kouros
  • Museum Gardens and Atrium
  • Reproduction of funerary tomb

    and more...
Time needed: 45 min
Number of Exhibits 26